25 Anti-Boredom ideas for Quarantine

Author: Adela


Bored during Quarantine

You’ve already watched every single TV Show on Netflix, finished calling all your friends, relatives and second-grade classmates, you deep cleaned your house too many times and rearranged your closet way too many times. We don’t know how long we’re going to stay indoors for but until that magical moment happens, here are 25 anti-boredom ideas for Quarantine to keep you sane.

1. Start a quarantine blog/vlog

It doesn’t have to be professional and you don’t need to share it with anyone, but it might help you cope with boredom or make you start some activities you’ll want to remember in a few years.

2. Take a short online course

There’s tons of free online courses you can take, just think about something you always wanted t learn but didn’t have enough time before, anything from playing Ukulele, interior design, watercolor painting, pizza making to yoga or web design.

3. Have a foot SPA evening and try nail art on your toes

This is your treat and you deserve it! A tub of warm water, some essential oils and 2 colours of your favourite nail polish and you’re set for a SPA evening at home!

Foot Spa
Photo Source: Healthline

4. Plant tomatoes or herbs.

Slice one tomato, take a few seeds out, take an egg carton, fill it with some all-purpose compost and plant the seed. You’ll see a tiny plant growing in less than a week. See 5 easy to care for plants for the indoors!

5. Decorate your room with your favourite travel photos.

Travelling is out of the question for a while, but you can re-live your memories by decorating your room with your favourite travel photos. There’s an app that gives you 45 free prints/month and they only charge around £2 for delivery.

6. Learn some dance moves

Learn Michael Jackson’s moon dance, or any other dance moves to get ready for that big night out once all this is over.

7. 15 Minutes of morning exercises

Start a routine of 15 minutes morning exercise every morning and you’ll feel so energized for the rest of the day. It might become a habit and 15 minutes will become 30 or even an hour.

8. Make proper cocktails

There can’t be a better time to learn how to make proper cocktails or even create a quarantine signature one. There are kits and books that can teach you all the basics.

9. Trace and start colouring

If you don’t have a colouring book, trace a drawing from your computer screen and start colouring. It’s eco friendly because you’re not wasting any printer ink and it’s easy to do.

Tracing from a laptop screen
Photo source: Radmegan

10. (Pretend to) Have a night out

Pretend to have a night out while being at home. Set the mood with some background bar/restaurant/cafe noise from Youtube. Start with a nice dinner, some pre-drinks. Afterwards, you can even join an online party and go dancing. It doesn’t get more anti-boredom than this!

Pretend night out

11. Fancy dress

Wear the clothes you haven’t worn in ages. Remember that dress you bought for your cousin’s wedding and haven’t worn since?

12. Find something to celebrate

Get that Christmas jumper out and celebrate Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or is it Halloween? Maybe your dog’s birthday? There must be something you can’t wait for.

13. Boudoir photoshoot

Do a boudoir photoshoot to remember forever. You’ll never be this young again.

Boudoir photoshoot

14. Start a Facebook group

Start and administrate a fun group on Facebook can be a good idea to keep you busy during Quarantine. There’s so many memes to share and the more the merrier!

15. Donate to a food bank

Everyone has their own way of helping, donating to a food bank is probably the handiest. You can join your local facebook group and see how and who you could help.

16. Play a game over Zoom.

Install the app if you haven’t already, get some games out and may the odds be ever in your favour!

17. Morning meditation

Meditate for 10 minutes every morning. There’s a lot of options of guided meditation on Youtube depending what your focus would be on.

Morning meditation

18. Write a Future Travel list

Make a list of places you want to visit once quarantine is over. You’ll want to go everywhere, the list SHOULD BE long.

The alternative is to take a virtual tour online as a lot of destinations have these available. Check some of the best virtual tours available today!

19. Online party

Have an online party with your friends or attend one online. Dress-up is mandatory!

20. Zero Waste for 1 week

Try Zero Waste for 1 week: recycle, reuse, repeat! It needs a bit of preparation and it won’t be easy, but it can make you realise how much you’re wasting.

21. Drawing mandalas

Start drawing mandalas if you have the patience. Once you get better you can use that skill to paint some pillowcases or even do some wall art in your room.

22. Upcycle shopping bags

Order some acrylic paints and upcycle your fabric made shopping bags.

23. Professional Phone Photos

Learn how to take professional photos with your phone. Yes, there are online courses for that!

Professional phone photos

24. Join Meetups

Join activities on Meetup there’s plenty of people organising meetups online and you could join groups for meditation, yoga, reiki, handmade, etc.

25. Make your own face mask

Make your own fashionable face mask – there are so many tutorials and it’s impossible not to find one you could easily make without using a sewing machine. Personalise it by painting it or choose a colourful suitable fabric.

Face mask
Photo Source: Chatelaine

Do you have a great idea to share? What are you doing qhile being stuck at home? Leave a comment and let us know.

If you want to live sustainable while in lockdown, check our 9 Easy Tips to Recycle and Reuse during Lockdown

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