5 Easy to care for houseplants

Author: Adela


Having plants indoors benefits you in many ways, other than just giving your place that cosy at-home feel. They are known to reduce stress, boost creativity and clean the air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen. However, so many of us are too busy to care for them and most plants just end up dying. Are there really easy to care for houseplants that anyone can grow and you can almost forget about? Sure are!

It happened more than once to fall in love with a plant in a farmers market or in a random shop and take it home, only to see it die slowly because I was just too tired to care for it. I am not so happy to admit it, but it's true. At some point, I began to think that plants are just not my thing and I'll probably never have that little splash of joyful green in my house. How wrong was I? Very!

One of my best friends is and has been a florist for a very long time. Every time she visits, she brings me a huge bunch of stunning cut flowers. Now, cut flowers I understand, because a few years back I tried my luck with doing flower arrangements for weddings. Plants in a pot...a totally different thing! Long story short, my friend comes to visit me one day and she brings me a beautiful potted (very much alive) plant. That made me a bit sad because I could foresee its future and I was sure that this one will end up dry and sad, just like the others. Just over a year after she assured me that this time won't be the case, I still have my lovely Spider Plant on my window sill and I'm happy to say that others houseplants joined it. I finally have my green corner!

I made this list of easy to care for houseplants because I wanted to encourage others to start growing plants indoors. I work a good amount of hours every day and it's easy to forget to water them. These 5 houseplants are my favourite type of plants to have indoors and they are so low maintenance! I have them for about a year and they haven't died yet, so that's definitely a good sign. 

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1. Spider Plant

My first ever houseplant (that lived to see today). The only thing I don't like about this plant is the name -not a huge fan of spiders. 

I found out, after doing some research that this plant is, in fact, edible. It only needs water every now and then. It goes very well in humid spaces with indirect sunlight, like a bathroom for example. I keep it on my window sill, with all the other plants and only water it when I notice the leaves rolling inwards. 

spider plant in a ceramic pot

2. Cacti

I got 3 little baby cacti from a work colleague for my birthday, very neatly packed in a pretty box. I was really happy because they looked so cute. I managed to kill one of them only because I was trying too hard to take care of it and ended up watering it too often. Luckily the others survived and now I know they only need a drop of water every other week, Yep! Week!

My advice? Buy them or plant them and leave them alone. They don’t ask for much, just a drop of water whenever you remember. 

3 cacti

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3. Aloe vera

You know this one. You’ve seen it in pretty much every homemade cosmetic recipe, but did you know it’s such an easy to take care for houseplant? Aloe Vera needs plenty of sunlight and water when the soil is dry. 

I have to say that my actual Aloe Vera plant doesn't look this good anymore, only because I cut it quite often and use it for homemade little potions or for making aloe vera water.  

4. Succulents

Are there any cuter plants out there? Succulents are so versatile, make great indoor plants and need water at least once a week. You can have them in separate pots or an assortment in a wide one.

The most popular succulents are: The Jade Plant, The Zebra Plant and Moonstones.

5. Lavender

Yes! Lavender! It only needs a sunny spot and water from time to time. Lavender is best known for its calming benefits, having some lavender under your pillow should help you fall asleep in a few seconds. Only some species are good to grwo indoors. The lavander you see on the fields of Provence is different from this one and that one only grows outside. 

lavender houseplant

What type of houseplants will you growing indoors?

Finally being able to grow houseplants was a huge deal for me and it had definitely made a good impact on my home appearance. Do you have a favourite houseplant that you're absolutely in love with and it's easy to take care of? Let me know in the comments and I might not be afraid to try it myself. 

About the author

Adela loves researching and writing about sustainability! Her passion for ethical living started early in her childhood, being born and raised in a beautiful remote village in Romania, where life was much simpler. Life took her to the great city of London where she discovered that sustainability in a big city is not only needed but also possible.  When she’s not at her desk , she loves discovering hidden gems of London and travel to unique places.

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